An inventory of the best year yet

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

It is hard to believe that this time last year was when I made the decision to pursue making art full time. I have two beautiful kids, a husband, and a full time career - but I felt like I needed something creatively exciting in my life. From a very early age I have always been drawn to create - whether that was embroidery, beading, making masks, dice etc. (Seriously the list could go on and on!) I never had something that really anchored itself with me - until last year when I started to focus on producing art that I wanted to have. I wanted art that didn't take itself too seriously - but was gorgeous to look at. I wanted to look at a piece and notice something different about it every time. What a wild year it has been trying to make that happen!

I feel like I've finally gotten to a sense of 'home' with my art - a great balance with colors, subject matter and composition that resonates within me. I am looking forward to the changes and the exciting new pieces that I am going to bring to life in the coming year. Cheers to you all!!

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